Welcome to Shop Charlotte.

Shop Charlotte was inspired by my childhood memories and my constant travels-the excitement of New York, the architecture of Barcelona, the romanticism of Paris, the warmth of South Africa, the colors of Mozambique among many others.

It is with a true passion that we work daily to create, develop and deliver all the idealized and dreamed pieces.

We hope that by using Shop Charlotte also awaken the adventurer there is in you.



Diana Martins  Founder/ Creative

Mother, passionate about fashion and travel, enthusiast of the digital world and with the never ending desire to keep up with the different trends, decided to follow her dream and create the Shop Charlotte.


Our Artisans: 

We eschew the mass produced and instead work with artisans, with high experience and knowledge in the handling of all type of material.

Our products are handmade using Portuguese techniques that have been passed down through the generations, some of them take days to be made, so each one has an individual mark.



Materials that we use:


Our bags are made from natural straw that has been harvested, stripped and dyed by hand.



We don’t use any new, green wood and instead work with engineered, plywood which is a by-product of the furniture industry.


Our bags are made from natural wicker that has been harvested and stripped by hand.


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